My brothers Tomo and Vince launched W.CROW late last year and I was blessed to be able to shoot the first collection- titled OPEN HOUSE. I remember having a conversation with Tomo two years ago on the patio of my old apartment when W.CROW was still an idea, him telling me he definitely wants me to be apart of the visual process and explaining the ideologies and direction. To be present and able to take part in its actualization means more to me than I can put into words. Full editorial incoming soonEditorial now live. Shop the collection here– you will not be disappointed.


I had the honour of shooting Michael Lee Chin, billionaire and philanthropist for the Globe and MailsReport on Business‘ Magazine.

Being of Jamaican descent and knowing the struggles my parents faced before coming to (and while in Canada) it was inspiring to meet someone who shared that narrative and reshaped its usual outcome. To see someone who looked like me take up space in a position that you don’t often see was beyond inspiring. I implore you to also read the article as his story is very insightful.

Oh and when we greeted each other, I went in for a handshake and he gave me a pound- that spoke volumes.



I’ve been really busy as of late, a lot of huge life changes that led to me working more than updating my website. Over the next few weeks I’m going to be updating here and there and letting my website catch up to me.

With that said I was blessed to be able to participate in Myseum of Toronto’s exhibition and panel discussion ‘WHERE ARE YOU FROM? WHERE ARE YOU GOING?” last spring. Having my photos on the jumbotron in the city I grew up and speak on a panel -which I haven’t done in a long time, was an honour.



Lollapalooza marks my first music festival and first time in Chicago- tbh I’m naturally introverted so initially it was a bit of shell shock to be surrounded by so many different energies at once. I overcame it by day 2 but I definitely wasn’t prepared for it off the bat. It was a blessing to be able to experience a music festival this grande at least once in my life time, thanks to my Asics Tiger family for the opportunity.

I didn’t take many pictures but here’s a set of a few moments that I managed to take while trying to not implode lol.


I had the pleasure of shooting the Heron Preston X NASA collaboration for SSENSE, creative directed and styled by the amazing Romany Williams. One of the best teams I’ve worked with in a long time, you can view the entire editorial here and I encourage you to actually read the write up and not just ‘click click, scroll scroll’.


This is probably the most personal interview I’ve done yet- touching on sources of inspiration, purpose and intent. You can read it in full here.


Did a short interview with Freshmen Friday about current life and times. A departure from my usual dialogue directly surrounding my work, you can read it in full here.

SP Badu FW 18


I shot the campaign video for SP Badu’s FW18 collection, the lookbook was shot by my favourite photographer Neva Wireko. Paper Magazine has a great write up with Spencer, a good friend and the designer. You can read that here and watch the video embedded or directly here.

2;Ep1 for LA Timpa

I directed and edited “2;Ep1” for L.A. Timpa, it premiered on The Fader, you can watch it here.

I wanted to pursue the mundane and remove the familiarity between myself and everything around me. Instead allowing my interactions to exist outside of how my mind instinctively catalogues and labels things based on what I ‘know’- essentially ignoring basic analytical skills for direct sensory experience.

“In order to see we must forget the name of the thing we are looking at”.

Producer / Creative Director : Neva Wireko
Stylist : Taylor Thorski assisted by Jessica Canje