The gap between this AFFIX editorial for Nomad and the last one is far more vast than it seems but most of what proceeded is in the editorial section.
I’ve spent large moments nearing the end of 2019 truly hurling myself into my existence. For far too long I’d ignore anything outside of the pursuit of improving my craft and it felt like the time to shift that approach.
I’d go untethered- I wouldn’t prioritize escaping social settings in order to ‘work’ (or on account of social anxiety which I managed to overcome after years of discomfort). Mind you I’m a workaholic and would still withdraw and enter that focused place but not with the same ruthless attentiveness. Also I’d never underperform on any occasion due to this, I just needed to be more fluid.
Okay so I street cast Aidan- I see the AFFIX garments, I see him, I see this natural juxtaposition. There wasn’t much more than that, I explained it to the team, they questioned it a bit but honestly I already saw the vision and had to override any second guesses.
A necessary aspect of having an idea that isn’t ‘moodboardable’ is to know how whats in front of you will translate into a photograph, understanding how the pieces you have will communicate in an image. I’ve learned how to do this through tireless trial and error, honing in on the specifics of skin tones, silhouettes, lighting, how clothes fall and drape etc. The full knowledge of what goes into an image allows me to see the full scope of what will be before I ever take a photo.
Phew, who wants more Ted Talks?