Bobby reached out to me and said he’s been working with Ebhoni and he thinks I’d be a great fit to direct her music video, I’ve been a bit apprehensive about beginning video work on account of idealizing how all my projects would be in my mind and not wanting them to stray away from it at all. And also being a musician I kept making up this narrative about my first I direct should be my own (lol whut?). I decided to put that aside and remind myself that there really isn’t any sort of grandeur way to go about it, whatever I do will be of me and the constructive critiques and growth can come once I actually walk through the door and enter the room.
Long story short, I had the pleasure of directing ‘MIA’ for Ebhoni. She’s magnetic, genuine, funny and such an amazing energy to be around. That’s what we wanted to capture in this video, a very personal take mixed in with her natural star presence. I had my super producer Carina with me, an amazing DP Alim, Mila on MUA, Nick on edit, Ana on colouring and a team of amazing individuals working hard to make the this come to life. Thank you again to everyone involved.

(Try to catch my mini cameo lol)