I’ve got a lot to say here, so bare with me.
My brother Tobin (who I love and adore), has been making some of the best graphic t’s/sweaters/shorts I’ve owned for a very long time. His archive of references is astounding, I wish I could access information in my mind the way he does. His ability to translate those references into new tangible ideas is fascinating- something I’ve taught myself how to do with photography, so I can truly appreciate the amount of effort it takes to develop that skill. I could write a entire dissertation on the subject – ask me more in person if you want to chat.
This post is long over due- BACK IN APRIL 2019! (it’s feb 2020 now, clearly there are large gaps in my updates, due to working diligently, necessary detachments from the digital in order for self preservation, saving the best moments of my life for myself etc.) we were hanging out and he asked me if I ever modelled- I shyly responded ‘no ones ever asked me to’ and thats how this picture came about lol. He’s a beast with the P&S but won’t admit it.

We’ve worked together in many capacities- I shot a Screw ENT. editorial a few years ago, I shot footage for a short film he premiered last December and if you go through the editorial section to ‘Slate‘- the last frames are Tobin’s bike. He pulled up after riding all day as the gracious human being he is and let me shoot David sitting on it.

He did a pop up on a ice cold day last September, we hung out all evening, he didn’t know I had my Fuji on me, I surprised him and took some flicks then we went to Harrys (RIP) for some burgers and drinks, a great night before he left the city again.