Back in December, I launched an incubator program through NOMAD titled ‘250ml’.
250ML is the amount of liquid required to fill one cup, this incubator is meant to help ‘fill the cup’ of artists of various mediums by providing resources, mentorship and the like.

Throughout my tenure as creative director for NOMAD I’ve considered the ways in which I can use this space to help others in my community beyond photography. I carved my way to this point in my career without any mentorship, creative programs or direct communal assistance, so it’s been a goal of mine to make sure that I can provide the resources I lacked to the next generation.

In its present form ‘250ml’ acts as a vessel for imagination, offering NOMAD’s space to designers, creators and the like, giving them a blank slate to share their stories in any way they desire.

Within this program we’ll offer mentorship, share our resources, knowledge and ideas with hopes of building a platform that amplifies marginalized voices. I want to help foster a community of free thinkers and in 250ml’s future forms, host workshops and other initiatives with a focus on the growth of Black, Indigenous and all people of colour with our mantra being ‘Give what you needed but didn’t receive’.

In its first iteration we welcomed @adidem.asterisks into our space- to coincide with the launch I interviewed Adidem co-founder Nicko Bruno, read the interview below.

If you’d like the work with or through 250ML please email me at info@othellogrey.com.