LAT Magazine

My initial interactions with Vanessa of bLok were special for me to say the very least. I don’t recall a time where my first dialogue leading to a potential working relationship felt as natural and well rounded. Our 20 min video call was a profound sharing of ideologies, I’ve never had my work/philosophy/approach analyzed and told to me in a way so precise by someone I’ve never met.

That initial ideation call led to me coming on to shoot photo’s for an article in LAT magazine (which bLok was designing) about the flaws in the legalization of the weed industry. Vanessa trusted me 100% with creative direction and gave me the room to translate the article visually with only a few pre determined references. A week or so later I brought my friend Justin to the studio for maybe an hour (with a some help from Chiara) and shot portraiture in a style I was honing in on back in 2017. I was grateful to learn that one of the photos was selected as one of the three covers for the issue.


“After the legalisation of weed everyone was led to believe their cannabis charges would be removed and they could resume their lives without the burden of a criminal record. Turns out that’s only for the privileged few” – Michelle Bilodeau + Dannielle Piper

This is the photo that became one of the three covers for LAT. I was going to go on tangent about my feelings towards all the flaws surrounding the legalization of weed and its affects on marginalized communities but this article says it all much better than I can. A very insightful and poignant piece – read the full article here.