Interview : Camera Buyer ITALIA

‘Othello Grey & Fashion as an Element to Realize Oneself‘ glowed across my screen- the only source of light at 1 AM, as google translate finished reconfiguring words. I smirked, admiring how the title summarized my thoughts. Intrigue.. various levels of intrigue, always take centre stage when I read interviews I’ve done. I mean- to be in a position of having a voice that people desire to hear is something I couldn’t have ever imagined for myself. But the idea of someone else processing that information and ‘labelling’ it with an intro line/title is quite thrilling. Sharing myself and giving someone else the room to give it context is quite a unique experience.

With all that said – read the interview I did with Camera Buyer Italia here. I don’t recall a time that I answered so many fashion related questions, as I operate inside the world of fashion but never view it as the guiding force. This also may be my first international interview, I’ve been doing this for so long now I can’t remember anymore lol… ~aging~