A.P.C. X Carhartt WIP

When I hear the name A.P.C. I think ‘timeless’. Through all my various interactions with the brand over the years – whether that was seeing Paolo Roldan wearing the most insane aged pair, being too thick to fit my legs in Petite Standards (lol) or cursing the brands very existence after seeing a picture Jene standing in front of a group of white models with a sign that read “Last Ni***s In Paris”- that thought ‘timeless’ remained true. 5 Years later- the machine that is fashion moves on, apologies are made, people forget/forgive and here I am shooting an A.P.C. x Carhartt capsule collection.

As soon as I saw the collection all I thought about was shooting it in the most relatable way- no set design, no dramatic lighting, nothing over the top or overtly extravagant. ‘Sell it’ without ‘selling it’, allow the viewer to understand how the pieces fit into their lives without them having to overthink it.

So that was us (Micheal, Moya, Chiara) at Michaels house for an hour and a half hanging out and shooting a few rolls. Easy enough, right?

BETTER™️ / Shaun Crawford for DSM

For Dover Street Market’s 15 Year Anniversary Better™️ and Shaun Crawford came together to create a capsule collection dubbed ‘Monochromatic Market’. Hand dyed Gitman Vintage and Carhartt pieces each dawning their own unique qualities.
I popped by to see my guys on a sun glazed fall afternoon and shot the collection on Max. I also shot the collection on my brother Liam while he was in town prior- unfortunately my T4 wasn’t cooperating that night so most of the flicks of him were unusable (with that said I still regret selling it lol).