FLEET – Craig Green SS2020

Component, Simile, Persuasion and this editorial relieved an urge I had to do more studio shoots. I didn’t have any specific direction for this shoot beforehand- I knew two things – 1 : the garments spoke to me in forms 2: they would look wonderful on Tré. The shoot turned into Tré and I examining small moments in between immediate instinctive actions. Both of us doing the poses and pausing to find the actions that felt best on camera.
After reviewing the shoot, I had a thought – ‘in regards to what I felt – it was a fleet of emotions, many which I could not describe in words, a rather peculiar state to exist in, I mean to say -the ability to feel but not to explain what I feel“.
I was analyzing what these small actions transcribe emotionally, what do these instinctive actions say about us? I thought about the awareness to understand what our bodies are saying when they move outside of our conscious will. I’m always in an investigative role when I’m taking photos, through my work with Nomad I’m able to attach that investigation to different designers.