G L E E M by Freddy Carrasco

So one of my favourite visual artists and my very close friend, FREDDY BREADY as I like to call him– wrote and illustrated this absolutely phenomenal graphic novel titled ‘G L E E M’. From it’s inception he’d show me the process, ask for my opinion and generally just have dialogues about it all. I was so honoured to have played any part it in at that point .. then he says he’s doing animated trailers and -at the time him being one of the only people knowing that I make music- he asked me to score these animated trailers. Obviously I said yes. Links to trailers on each screenshot.

‘G L E E M’ is out now, you should get it and read it- it’s three thrilling tales centred around various issues with black characters taking the lead. A far cry from what I’d grown up seeing in any sort of graphic novel, comic book or the like. I don’t want to give a review because theres an amazing one you should read that exists already.
Watch the trailers with sound on, hit me and let know what you think of the score. Oh and I’m releasing my LP soon :3.