An accidental flick of my girlfriend as she took her phone back led to this editorial, ‘How Does It Look?’ is a highlight of that moment before review, spread across numerous outfits, styled by Chiara and I, modelled by Baby Kojo for NOMAD.


BTS from NOCTA for NOMAD. This was such a great day, it was one of my first time seeing friends as the pandemic roared on, I won’t forget how great it felt to be in the company of others again. Thank you to Vince, Chiara, Nam, Kojo, Julian, Michael, Gideon, Mikael, Dave, Kahma and everyone at Nike.


Back in March 2021 I redesigned NOMAD‘s website, the previous iteration was solid but after 7 years it had lost functionality and didn’t feel like who we were (I’m the Creative Director / Head of Photography at NOMAD).
With this website I wanted to strip down anything unnecessary and allow it to rest on imagery and also be easily shoppable. Large image columns, hovering menu that’s easily accessible and of course a playlist that we update weekly- coding done by the amazing Mays. Of course the first album we had on there was by one of my favorite artists (and friends) TWEAKS.

FLEET – Craig Green SS2020

Component, Simile, Persuasion and this editorial relieved an urge I had to do more studio shoots. I didn’t have any specific direction for this shoot beforehand- I knew two things – 1 : the garments spoke to me in forms 2: they would look wonderful on Tré. The shoot turned into Tré and I examining small moments in between immediate instinctive actions. Both of us doing the poses and pausing to find the actions that felt best on camera.
After reviewing the shoot, I had a thought – ‘in regards to what I felt – it was a fleet of emotions, many which I could not describe in words, a rather peculiar state to exist in, I mean to say -the ability to feel but not to explain what I feel“.
I was analyzing what these small actions transcribe emotionally, what do these instinctive actions say about us? I thought about the awareness to understand what our bodies are saying when they move outside of our conscious will. I’m always in an investigative role when I’m taking photos, through my work with Nomad I’m able to attach that investigation to different designers.

A.P.C. X Carhartt WIP

When I hear the name A.P.C. I think ‘timeless’. Through all my various interactions with the brand over the years – whether that was seeing Paolo Roldan wearing the most insane aged pair, being too thick to fit my legs in Petite Standards (lol) or cursing the brands very existence after seeing a picture Jene standing in front of a group of white models with a sign that read “Last Ni***s In Paris”- that thought ‘timeless’ remained true. 5 Years later- the machine that is fashion moves on, apologies are made, people forget/forgive and here I am shooting an A.P.C. x Carhartt capsule collection.

As soon as I saw the collection all I thought about was shooting it in the most relatable way- no set design, no dramatic lighting, nothing over the top or overtly extravagant. ‘Sell it’ without ‘selling it’, allow the viewer to understand how the pieces fit into their lives without them having to overthink it.

So that was us (Micheal, Moya, Chiara) at Michaels house for an hour and a half hanging out and shooting a few rolls. Easy enough, right?

Exercises in Doubt

Shot the AFFIX SS19 collection for Nomad, under the title ‘Exercises in Doubt’. Human, is what I wanted to convey from this shoot- I often use that word to describe the ‘fashion editorials‘ I do. It’s in reference to the idea of nothing feeling too far from the viewer, I wanted the reactions to be A: I could’ve taken that photo B: I could’ve worn that outfit C: I could’ve styled this. I wanted it to be so relatable that it appears effortless- but add small touches such as jacket floating off body- that it had another layer of intrigue.


My good friends Vince and Tomo of WCROW® released their AW19 collection at Nomad.

The idea for the editorial came to me in a dream, I had a vision about ‘points of contact’, I’d capture that slight moment when one person is being tackled by another and they’re in stasis. That place where two bodies are no longer their own- imagine when you’ve fallen or you’ve been struck and you can’t recall what you saw when it happened. The world spun, your body gave in, you’re left in the aftermath. I titled the editorial ‘Stalemate‘ to represent that space where nothing can be gained or lost.

To be quite candid I have my own criticisms of how I handled the photography, ask me about them in person and we can have a talk about spur the moment decision making and what should or shouldn’t be prioritized on a shoot.
Thank you to Jonah and Jasmine for tackling one another for 40 minutes with me on a chilly day haha, love you both.