Back in December, I launched an incubator program through NOMAD titled ‘250ml’.
250ML is the amount of liquid required to fill one cup, this incubator is meant to help ‘fill the cup’ of artists of various mediums by providing resources, mentorship and the like.

Throughout my tenure as creative director for NOMAD I’ve considered the ways in which I can use this space to help others in my community beyond photography. I carved my way to this point in my career without any mentorship, creative programs or direct communal assistance, so it’s been a goal of mine to make sure that I can provide the resources I lacked to the next generation.

In its present form ‘250ml’ acts as a vessel for imagination, offering NOMAD’s space to designers, creators and the like, giving them a blank slate to share their stories in any way they desire.

Within this program we’ll offer mentorship, share our resources, knowledge and ideas with hopes of building a platform that amplifies marginalized voices. I want to help foster a community of free thinkers and in 250ml’s future forms, host workshops and other initiatives with a focus on the growth of Black, Indigenous and all people of colour with our mantra being ‘Give what you needed but didn’t receive’.

In its first iteration we welcomed @adidem.asterisks into our space- to coincide with the launch I interviewed Adidem co-founder Nicko Bruno, read the interview below.

If you’d like the work with or through 250ML please email me at info@othellogrey.com.


Converse FW’21 seasonal styes, art directed by Jake Kelley, produced by BK Projects, styled by Zara Mirkin. Thank you again to my guy Jake for making sure I was there for this. I love NY.


I did a Q&A on Instagram about maybe a year ago now actually (Feb 2021), I figured having those questions on my website would be easier for people to reference/save. Hope these help you in some way, feel free to DM me or email me at info@othellogrey.com at anytime if you want to ask any questions directly and I’ll try to get back to you.


I’m very blessed to have shot the LV X NBA Collection campaign imagery, I’ll just keep it short and say thank you Virgil for the opportunity, Shai for being A1, Carina for sticking by me through the entire process and to everyone else who helped make this happen. Maybe I should post some BTS pics and elaborate more but I’ll update the post another day, I’m still letting this sink in.

Oh, you can see more photos here.


I don’t remember exactly when I met Nadine (as my memory operates on it’s own accord and I can’t access the parts of my life I desire) but over the years we’ve formed a very special friendship. We would speak briefly when she was in Toronto but while she was in London she began releasing her garments, an array of wonderful dresses, tops, hats and more and I was just taken away. We decided we have to shoot when she comes back from London- last summer I took some portraits of her but we couldn’t get the timing right for me to shoot her garments. This past August we finally made it happen. The moon set the scene as the sky cast a whimsical ballad of blues and purples- Yolonda moved across the sand as though they were one. See the rest of her collection here and you can see the full set of photos is here.

i-D Up+Rising, 40th Anniversary Cover

Mere words can’t describe the emotions I felt seeing this for the first time .. I shot a cover of an issue of i-D Magazine. I don’t usually attach my emotions to outcomes but this was different, this is something that me at the beginning of my photography career would fantasize about but never knew if it would or could happen. To share such an accolade with someone as special as Ravyn was the proverbial icing on the cake. Endless thank you’s and gratitude to Alastair and Hazel for trusting me with this and to Ravyn for her time, energy and compassion.

The endless flaws of a society built on the ideals of white supremacy have shaped generations of people- we’re told we have enough, we’re told to go back from where we came, we’re told to obey orders, we’re told to shut up and entertain, we’re told our desire for equity has no place in the world. We’re mocked, mimicked, cosplayed, we’re judged, persecuted, mistreated, murdered. Everyday is suffering, everyday I can hold an object in my hand and witness people that look like me be murdered, everyday I walk into a setting and am believed to be an aggressor, everyday I cry for Black people murdered by those ‘sworn to protect us’, everyday I wish for a new world.

Read Ravyn’s much more articulate dissection of this same system that stifles us and what she envisions for our future here.

Exhibition : OCELOT

‘OCELOT’ : a digital exhibition dissecting my career throughout the years, is showing until May 25th at Mirror Mirror Gallery, an initiative by Banded Purple & Studio Brutus.
I’ve felt an overwhelming distance from photography/creative endeavours during this pandemic, (read ‘Creation in Isolation’ below for more on that) so I had inhibitions about doing any form of digital exhibition. After considering it more, I decided that an exhibit that allowed me to highlight what I’ve tried to achieve through my work could be a good reference point for other photographers who are in the current stage of navigating where they fit. I’ve managed to dabble in various stylistic approaches while still maintaining visual synchronicity and a clear intention/pursuit with my work (regardless of how I take the photo it always feels like me). So if this exhibit could help anyone get closer to that understanding of self, I am totally satisfied. The exhibit consists of three sections that I’ve broken down below, view the full exhibit here. Thank you again to everyone who made this possible.


My initial response to breaking free from the ideals I’d been conditioned to adhere to. ‘Lycra’ represents fluidity—breaking from the stillness of existing within predetermined thought process. My observations beginning to take new form through understanding of my sight and learning to translate ephemeral moments.


Guile represents the use of new knowledge to my advantage, photography beginning to act as my total outlet, understanding what I wanted to convey, gaining control and that control leading to synchronicity between mind and creative pursuit


Valour indicates the courage to fully succumb to my inhibitions without them becoming a crutch. A state of trust, trusting my capabilities, my intent, my dialogue and entering each project with a pure heart that no longer creates from a place of fear.