Salomon Advanced

It’s about 1PM on Monday and I get a text from Liam asking if I want to go the desert in two days for a project he’s doing for Salomon, I answer yes, move around some other shoots I had planned and text back asking ‘what does one wear to the desert?’. I’ve been before but being in LA for a month under the notion of ‘vacation’ I was severely under packed lol.

Liam used thermal imaging to track Ryan as he navigated the terrain while Dom manned the drone (click above for the video scored by Jiin). I took a bunch of BTS throughout the day and assisted where necessary- I took these photos sheerly to have tangible memories I could hold on to.

A bit of context – Liam is one of my closest friends, he moved to LA a couple years ago and every time I’m there we make a point to hang out. We’ve been unsuccessful for the most part tbh, we’ve had momentary joy but this trip we were able to have a plethora of experiences together (I’ll probably do a full trip recap soon).
We spent the entire day in the desert, I watched the sun glisten against rocks soaked from day old rain and the moon bathe silhouettes in blue.