I made this mix for Superette back in Sept of 2020, while I was taking a leave of absence from my stream, a compilation of songs to start your day with, put on in the background while you work, take with you on a walk or go for a drive. Enjoy.


I’ve been making music as Thanks for the Tears for around 7 years now, like photography I taught myself everything I know. I’ve always been extremely sensitive when it comes to my music, it’s been too much of an emotional diary to let anyone else in. My early experiments were met with refusal from friends which served as a deterrent and only bolstered my fears. ⁣⁣

⁣One of my best friends Freddy had been working on a graphic novel titled GLEEM and wanted to approach the world as though it was a film – give it a score, do trailers and the like (I shared the trailers a few posts back). I was surprised when he asked me to do the score, as I’d only played him some random fragments of music I’d made at the time. I never imagined it would be the first musical project I ever release. I’ll always be grateful to him for trusting me and allowing me to share something so precious with him. ⁣⁣

With that said I’m excited to share this project with the world and hope it resonates with someone somewhere lol. It’s available now everywhere (Spotify, Apple Music) alongside the release of the 2nd Edition of GLEEM, you can get the physical/digital copy of GLEEM on Peow Studio’s webshop and get the soundtrack + digital booklet companion on Bandcamp.