The AGO : Artists Talk

This was the biggest milestone of my career- (if I can speak candidly) I’ve found that (in this city) I’m an enigma so to speak- I’m grateful to have carved a path for myself through determination, discipline, relentless work ethic and without handouts but there are times when my resolve waivers and it feels like an endless cycle of being misunderstood.

To be recognized and given this platform, at an institution of this nature was such a blessing and I am forever grateful to Annie for the opportunity. Thank you to Anupa for being the best person I could have had his dialogue with.

For a few hundred people to give their time to share space/exchange energy with me was something I’ll never forget. Seeing my mother, step father and sister sitting front row warmed my heart in ways I can’t explain (they’ve never been to any exhibitions or lectures I’ve done). Having most of my friends check off the time and date to make sure they were there for me to show support (and the countless messages from friends who couldn’t be there) was a gift I didn’t know I needed. Before ‘breaking through’ in photography/really knowing anything about the art world, I was a courier and would deliver paper to the AGO in awe- I never thought I would be on a stage in the building doing an artists talk.

Oh lastly, thank you to my dear friend Akua who talked me out of a mini spiral I had in the uber on the way to the AGO. I’m quite sure of myself overall but suddenly in third person the very burden of ‘being’ became a weight I didn’t think I could bare and my old anxiety returned in an attempt to cripple me. Thank you Andrew, you know why and thank you Chiara for giving me lip balm before I went on stage lol, I desperately needed it.
Thank you to every single person who sent an email, a DM, greetings after the talk or well wishes from afar. As dark as it’s been I never thought I could be a light for others.

The AGO : Capturing the Ephemeral

On the heels of my Artist’s Talk at the Art Gallery of Ontario (!), I did a photo essay dissecting a few pieces of my work. Matthew had the idea to skip the formal interview and instead approach this from a point introspection. I’ve found that I don’t enjoy talking about myself very much, so this was a welcomed change of pace. You can read the photo essay here.