WCROW® and I were back together to shoot their FUTURE NOSTALGIA collection ahead of its release.
I slept 2 hours the night before and we shot for about 14 hours- I remember hitting the brink of exhaustion and as I felt myself tapping out, I entered a surreal state of nirvana. I definitely won’t use those means to enter that state again but it was wonderful to feel that in any capacity. Oh I can also confidently say none of us were sick of each another by the end of the shoot and if we weren’t friends forever prior to this day, we definitely were after lol.
Thanks to everyone who took part and to my guys Devante and Gennelle who Vince brought on to assist (they also took the BTS shots at the end of this post), top 10 assistants I’ve ever had.


My good friends Vince and Tomo of WCROW® released their AW19 collection at Nomad.

The idea for the editorial came to me in a dream, I had a vision about ‘points of contact’, I’d capture that slight moment when one person is being tackled by another and they’re in stasis. That place where two bodies are no longer their own- imagine when you’ve fallen or you’ve been struck and you can’t recall what you saw when it happened. The world spun, your body gave in, you’re left in the aftermath. I titled the editorial ‘Stalemate‘ to represent that space where nothing can be gained or lost.

To be quite candid I have my own criticisms of how I handled the photography, ask me about them in person and we can have a talk about spur the moment decision making and what should or shouldn’t be prioritized on a shoot.
Thank you to Jonah and Jasmine for tackling one another for 40 minutes with me on a chilly day haha, love you both.